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Into a secret world within the Monaco Yacht Show.

The Sapphire Experience is the peak of exclusivity. Superyacht aficionados refer to it as ‘The Call’ — the heart-stopping moment when your Monaco Yacht Show Private Relations Manager rings up to invite you to create, purchase or charter your very own bespoke superyacht.

The Monaco Yacht Show bespoke concierge service is every yachting lover’s dream: an opportunity for unparalleled access to connect, aboard exquisite vessels, with the industry’s most influential experts, and innovative minds to discuss upcoming projects.

Each visitor granted with a Sapphire Experience is offered a gateway to curated experiences - From glamorous gala evenings to private cocktail parties hosted aboard stunning yachts - a subtle yet powerful symbol that signals you belong to a rarified club exuding elegance and sophistication.

A truly unforgettable yachting adventure awaits at the Monaco Yacht Show.



The Monaco Yacht Show is synonymous with glamour, exclusivity and luxury.

And for the most discerning yacht enthusiasts, there is an experience that surpasses all expectations: the Sapphire Experience. Immerse yourself in a world where refinement and personalised service reach new heights.

This exceptional experience, designed for yacht owners and future charterers, is a true privilege at the heart of the most prestigious superyacht event.

You can now contact our concierge service