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Upper deck lounge

The pinnacle of luxury and interior design for yachts.

Immerse yourself in the refined universe of the Upper Deck Lounge, where innovation and excellence come together to elevate your yacht experience.

At the heart of this exclusive space, let yourself be captivated by the latest trends in yacht furniture and interior design. Discover bespoke creations from the most prestigious manufacturers, where each piece is a work of art.

Meet passionate artisans and internationally renowned designers whose expertise and creativity will bring your wildest dreams to life. Admire their exceptional techniques and let their expertise guide you in crafting a unique interior that reflects your personality.

Whether you're a fan of modern and contemporary style or prefer the timeless elegance of classic design, our exhibiting brands will meet your needs. They will assist you in creating a yacht that is a true reflection of yourself, where every detail exudes luxury and refinement.

The Upper Deck Lounge experience extends beyond. Indulge in a moment of relaxation at the bar-lounge and its upstairs restaurant, offering a daily refined and varied menu.

Extend your visit by exploring the exhibition tent at the Parvis Piscine, dedicated to luxury products and services. A wide selection of furniture, lighting, wall coverings, flooring, and refined accessories awaits you to perfect the interior of your yacht.

A must-visit for design enthusiasts seeking absolute excellence.

RestauraNT & Lounge-bar