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Locate the yachts, tenders, stands, services and entrances into the show.


The Monaco Yacht Show, in collaboration with the Government of the Principality of Monaco, is maintaining the Vigirenfort plan security measures for security checks both on the quayside at the various show entrances and on the water.

Means of security reinforcement on land
One or several security agents will carry out a visual control of all types of bags and will open the jackets of each person who wishes to enter the exhibition. 

Due to the setting of the show, visitors and exhibitors are required to be prepared to undergo the multiple checks.

The MYS Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse access to any person who does not accept the security controls at the show entrances, even if they have a valid access badge.

Access to Route de la Piscine will be allowed for deliveries only before 9:30 am and after 3 pm.
Any vehicle wishing to access this road will have to send beforehand the driver's details (name, first name, date and place of birth, ID card or passport number) and the vehicle's license plate to the MYS Organising Committee by e-mail by fax (+377 93 10 41 71) or directly to the MYS Organisation Office (Quai Albert Ier).

Maritime screening process at the port entrance 
A security control system at the entrance of Port Hercule is set at the Monaco Yacht Show. A barrier will be set in the channel between Quai Rainier III and Jetée Lucciana to filter the incoming and outgoing maritime traffic.

A sticker with the boat’s license plate will be necessary to authorize the access to the port (must be affixed imperatively on the boats in the most visible way on port side).
Each boat will receive:

- A Captain badge
- One or several “Bay tender” badges, depending on the maximum capacity of the tender.

These badges do not serve as accreditation for the MYS but only allow access to the water area of Port Hercule.

 Only boats with the following proofs are allowed to access the water area of Port Hercule.
- The sticker (affixed in the most visible way on the port side of the unit)
- An individual "Bay tender" badge for each passenger.

The Direction des Affaires Maritimes and the Division de Police Maritime et Aéroportuaire de la Sûreté Publique (Maritime and Airport Police Division) will set up a screening point to check the presence of the badge on the boat.

The Monaco authorities will be in charge of applying the security measures decided by the Monaco Government. No exception will be permitted. Thus, access to the port will be strictly forbidden to any boat without a badge.
Any unit presenting itself at the entrance of the water without these compulsory credentials will be forbidden access to Port Hercule and will be automatically refused and invited to disembark/embark at the port of Fontvieille.