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Map of the show

MAP OF THE Monaco Yacht Show (MYS)

Identify the main exhibition areas on PDF map or refer to our interactive map to locate the route to a stand, yacht, or tender.


Security Checks

Pedestrian access

Any person entering the show must present any type of bag and open their jacket to the MYS security agents to allow a visual control.

We thank you for agreeing to the multiple compulsory controls due to the configuration of the specific entry points to the MYS.

The MYS Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse access to any person refusing to submit to the security control procedures at the show entrances, even if they are wearing a valid access pass.

Access via the pool road (delivery personnel)

Access to the site for delivery vehicles is prohibited from 9:30 am to 3 pm.

Access with prior authorisation: please send the driver's details (full identity) and the vehicle's license plate to the MYS organising committee ( or provide the credentials directly to the organisation's office on the port.


Access to port Hercule from the sea

Any boat that needs to enter the port must present a sticker (indicating the number plate) stuck on the port side in the most visible way.

The maximum size allowed during the show is 13m and the speed limited to 3 knots.

As per the Decision n°278 of the Maritime Affaires dated on September 16th, 2022, the anchorage in Monaco Bay has been strictely reduced and a protected mooring area has been created.

Click on this link for additional information on the arrival procedure at anchor in Monaco.

A floating barrier, installed in the channel (from Quai Rainier III to Jetée Lucciana) carries out the vetting of the maritime traffic at the Port Hercule’s entrance.

Any boat that needs to enter the port must present a sticker (indicating the number plate) stuck on the port side in the most visible way.

Any passenger disembarked on the MYS pontoons must present an invitation or a valid access pass.

The Direction des Affaires Maritimes and the Division de Police Maritime et Aéroportuaire de la Sûreté Publique (Maritime and Airport Police Division) are in charge of the application of the security measures decided by the Prince's Government by means of checking the stickers on the boats.

No exception is permitted, and any boat without access documents (sticker) is strictly forbidden to enter the port and must disembark/embark its passengers at the port of Fontvieille.