They don’t make yachts, but they do make yachts fun!

FunAir’s portfolio consists of inflatable toys like Climbing Walls, Blobs, Yacht Slides and Trampolines, along with products designed for times of relaxation such as Jet Ski Docks, Pools, Loungers and the Floating Island.

FunAir products are custom designed to attach to each superyacht layout ensuring the product fit is perfect and that storage is safe and accessible for crew. Custom colours and logos are often used to ensure products integrate perfectly with the design of each superyacht.

Responsible for the huge upsurge in inflatable fun for the yachting sector, FunAir have dominated the market since their launch in 2013. As an official sponsor of the MYS Captains and Crew Lounge for the next three years, FunAir have the only in water display at the show and you can find them outside the Yacht Club de Monaco on Quai Louis II.