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Our commitment to the environment

Since 2005, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) team has been committed to an eco-responsible approach, taking action on two levels. On the one hand, by making the show and its organisation more responsible from year to year in the areas of mobility, waste, and energy. And on the other hand, by making the MYS a platform for exchange on the environmental challenges facing the industry for the global yachting community. In order to amplify the scope of its action, the MYS also regularly partners with other environmental preservation organizations and foundations.

By combining commitment, innovation, and collaboration, the Monaco Yacht Show aims to contribute to building the yachting of tomorrow, a more responsible yachting that will preserve the environment for future generations.

A strong involvement alongside the Monaco government

By signing the pact of the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE) of Monaco in 2022, the MYS organisers undertake to respect the Pact published by the Prince's Government, the aim of which is to reduce the Principality's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Pact consists of a charter of commitment that brings together all the actors and sets out the three main axes of the energy transition: mobility, waste, and energy. It is broken down into annual action plans indicating what each member is concretely doing in terms of energy transition, with a highlight of the greenhouse gases avoided.

Concrete actions in key areas

Whether during the show or during its preparation, the MYS is constantly working with its partners to study new solutions that make it possible to move towards an increasingly eco-responsible event, particularly on the three axes of the energy transition defined by the Mission for the Energy Transition of the Government of Monaco.


• Reduction in travel for MYS employees in favor of videoconferences
• Provision of free bus tickets to exhibitors, from stand assembly to dismantling
• Free electric shuttle service to get around the entire show

Waste Management

• More efficient waste recycling system from the start of the show with more staff dedicated to collection and sorting, and more skips
• Optimisation of signage and progressive digitisation of communication media
• Recycling of exhibition tent carpets at the end of the show
• Distribution of reusable water bottles
• Installation of a cigarette butt collector at the entrances to the show


• Production of an energy and carbon assessment and continuous improvement on the basis of the results
• Use of exclusively green electricity on the show
• Implementation of a less energy-consuming air conditioning system

And soon...

• Optimization of air conditioning operating hours on the show
• Charter dedicated to exhibitors, presenting them with good practices to follow to contribute to making the show more eco-responsible

Creation of a dedicated eco-responsibility space: the Sustainability Hub

Supported by the entire yachting industry and by the Water Revolution Foundation, the Sustainability Hub is a real incubator that brings together sustainable solutions and eco-responsible projects at the MYS to minimize the environmental footprint of superyachts throughout their life cycle.

The Sustainability Hub presents both companies already recognised for their expertise and specialised start-ups. Common to all exhibitors: they meet a list of eligibility criteria defined by the Water Revolution Foundation, a guarantee of the viability of the pro-environmental solutions and innovative projects they offer.

Launched at the MYS 2022, the Sustainability Hub is a cornerstone of the eco-responsible approach in which the MYS has engaged.

Long-standing support for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Since 2010, the MYS has supported the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) in its programme of international actions in favour of the environment.
Each year, the MYS and its owner group Informa donate to the Sovereign Prince's Foundation. In 2023, €52,000 were donated to finance the preservation of ice samples from certain glaciers through the "Ice Memory" programme. The aim, through the preservation of the memory of glaciers, is to study climate change and its effects.

Supporting the financing of marine conservation projects

The MYS supports the Blue Marine Foundation by promoting the annual London2Monaco cycling race organised by the foundation. The aim of this race, hosted by the Sovereign Prince in Monaco on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show: to raise funds to finance the marine conservation projects of the Blue Marine Foundation.