Adventure Area


What else can a superyacht do for you?

Exhibition of tenders, off-road vehicles, nautical gadgets and thrilling activities to enjoy on board a yacht.

Adventure Area

Today, superyachting is redefined by your personal vision of the world. Your yacht can take you to unusual destinations to experience truly unique thrills on your next charter: drive all-terrain vehicles to the North Pole, go on an underwater excursion, take a tender ride off the coast of secluded islands, enjoy tailor-made tours of historical and cultural sites in coastal destinations, discover animal species – while respecting their ecosystems – and even take part in scientific field trips.

The Monaco Yacht Show’s Adventure Area brings you cutting-edge yachting experiences, with a wide range of equipment, activities and services: sports and day-trip tenders, luxury and off-road vehicles, sea toys, high-tech gadgets, helicopters and excursion programmes to the planet’s most exotic and remote destinations.

- Location: Quai Antoine Ier, Quai Jarlan, Port Hercule, Monaco
- Free access with a valid MYS pass
- Opening hours: 10AM - 6.30 PM (6 PM on Saturday)

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Tenders on 2 different sites

The Adventure Area was launched at MYS 2022 and combines the former Car Deck (luxury cars) and Tenders & Toys exhibitions.

The Adventure Area thereby opens up the show’s range of luxury vehicles to other high-end off-road models. It includes two exhibitions at Quai Antoine Ier and Quai Jarlan – one on the docks and one afloat.