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"A Green Commitment": the yachting industry rises to the challenge!

Press release – July 20, 2023

Monaco, July 20, 2023 - "A Green Commitment" is the latest episode of the This is Monaco series, available on YouTube and co-produced by the Monaco Yacht Show and specialized media agency

This fifth instalment provides an in-depth overview of the sustainability challenges faced by all stakeholders involved in the production and management of superyachts. It highlights the collaborative efforts between the industry and yacht owners to promote environmentally-friendly practices and explore ecological alternatives.

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Viewers will discover the initiatives and solutions implemented to address the environmental challenges within the yachting industry. Testimonials and interviews with industry experts showcase the measures taken to foster sustainability and environmental protection.

"A Green Commitment" highlights the innovations of shipyards and showcases sustainable solutions. These will be prominently featured at the Sustainability Hub exhibition during the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show from September 27th to 30th. The exhibition is supported by Siemens Energy, sponsor of the area, and Water Revolution Foundation, which is responsible for selecting the most viable exhibitors with sustainable solutions.

As the pinnacle of the superyacht calendar, the Monaco Yacht Show brings together yacht owners and industry experts in a global collaborative responsibility for the development of a greener industry. It's worth noting that superyachts account for less than 0.3% of carbon emissions generated by all types of vessels worldwide.

The yachting sector is actively committed to environmental responsibility and is making tangible changes to transform the industry. Revolutionary technologies, combined with a growing concern for our planet, are guiding this transformation and demonstrating the yachting industry's dedication to a sustainable future.

To learn more about the yachting industry's sustainable initiatives and discover the latest advancements at the Monaco Yacht Show, visit the Sustainability Hub starting from September 27th!

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